Looking for Collaboration

Yuki Koyama

Call for Collaborations

I’m always looking for opportunities to collaborate with people outside my affiliation. I believe that collaboration is a highly useful and also enjoyable way of achieving higher impact outcomes.

Collaboration with Students

I’m always looking for student collaborators. So far, I have been enjoying several collaboration opportunities with graduate students from various universities from both inside and outside Japan.


Collaboration with people in different situations should be a tough task without sharing clear and concrete goals. For collaborating with students, I would like to set the following goals:

To make a short-term collaboration fruitful and successful, I believe it is especially important to stick to the last point: publish a paper at an important venue, since this is the most explicit and objective goal. Here, I would also adhere to venues that are ideally the top venues in the subdomain or otherwise at least listed in the Google’s metrics (see this page for example), since papers published at important venues are much more likely to be read by researchers and become parts of shoulders of Giants.

Through achieving these (relatively short-term) goals, we ultimately want to enjoy overall research activities together and to establish a long-term relationship for making each other more productive.


Please understand in advance that I’m not interested in the following.



Research Themes

Given that the goal is to publish a paper at important venues (see above), it is important to pick a promising research theme that is reasonable for us. Ideally, we want to find a great idea at the intersection of our interest and expertise through brainstorming. I would try to understand your interest and expertise, but I expect you to try to understand my interest and expertise (see my publication).

Please understand that an initial idea that we (or you) pick is unlikely to be successful as it is and that we always need to continue thinking of as many (either refined or totally new) ideas as possible even after launching a project (see this page).

Possible Ways to Collaborate

Remote collaboration (e.g., via Slack) would be the easiest. If you are in Tokyo, we can regularly have face-to-face meetings as well. Our research group regularly invites visiting students (see this page), so this is also an option for collaboration.

How Can We Start a Collaboration?

Please contact me via e-mail or SNS. Or, please talk to me directly at conferences, etc.

Additional Notes

I expect graduate students to behave professionally and be responsible to the launched project; I consider graduate students as professional researchers. We will spend much time to achieve the goals; I would respect your precious time, but I would also expect you not to consider my time as free. Also, please understand that I often have several active projects and other tasks in parallel, so I cannot spend 100% of my time and effort on a single project.

Collaboration with Academic Researchers

I’m really interested in collaborating with academic researchers to find new problems, to invent innovative techniques, and to write high-impact papers. I’m open to having casual discussions to seek promising collaboration directions. Please let me know if you are interested in collaborating with me.

My primary research topics have been and will be around computer graphics and human-computer interaction. As well as these areas, I’m also interested in computer vision, machine learning, signal processing, mechanical engineering, robotics, etc. and willing to collaborate with researchers working on these areas to broaden my expertise and seeking interdisciplinary projects.

Collaboration with Industrial Researchers

The research institute I belong to has some rules for collaboration with industry. Please contact me via e-mail.

Last update: 2020-02-18